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Changing hosts is never easy. Even simple migrations can quickly become very complicated. Our experts have helped hundreds of WPBackItUp customers from all over the world migrate their sites and now you can take advantage of that experience with our WordPress Site Migration Service.

Let our experts save you time and headaches by doing it for you!

Want us to clone your live site to a development or quality assurance testing environment? Get that here too!





Price for 1 Web Site

Up to 10 gigabytes






Price for 1 Web Site

Up to 15 gigabytes

Optimization monitoring

Malware scan & removal





Price for 1 Web Site

Up to 30 gigabytes

Optimization monitoring

Malware scan & removal

DNS update

Domain name change





Price for 1 Web Site

50  gigabytes or greater

Optimization monitoring

Malware scan & removal

DNS update

Domain name change

E-commerce site


Have A Few Questions? Well We Have a Few Answers.

How do I determine my site size for pricing options?

The easiest way to determine your site size is to use our free backup plugin WPBackItUp Lite. WPBackItIUp Lite has been available for free in the WordPress repository since 2012. Once WPBackItUp has been installed you can simply run a backup; The site size can be found by clicking the backup set.

How does it work once I order?

We will coordinate with you every step of the way. The first step in the migration will be for us to schedule a day to review your existing site and put together a migration plan. This plan will include the start date and estimated completion date.

During the migration we will send status updates to let you know when we start and what percent of your site has been migrated. When your the migration is done we will send you a final update with detailed instructions on what to do next.

What do you need to from me to get started?

We just need a few things to get started. We will need login information for your current sites WordPress dashboard and your hosts administration. We will also need an administration login to your new hosting provider.

You may also provide a full backup of your site if you prefer.

What is Optimization monitoring?

Site optimization monitoring is a service that provides insights on load times with actionable recommendations on optimizations. This service is provided free from one of our partners.

If you elect this option we will provide reports before and after the site migration, giving you the ability to compare your site performance on the old and new host. We will provide this report prior to going “live” so that you can address any performance concerns prior to completing the migration.

What is Malware scan & removal?

After we migrate your site to the new host we will scan the new site for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats or vulnerabilities on the new host. If any are found we will remove them on the new site and provide a report to you that identifies our findings.

What is a DNS update?

Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that translates domain names like www.wpbackitup.com into IP addresses like We use domain names on the internet because they are much easier to remember than IP addresses, however, the internet really uses IP addresses to route requests from your browser to the server hosting your site. Every time you use a domain name like www.wpbackitup.com a DNS service must translate that name into the corresponding IP address.

When your site is migrated from one host to another, the IP address will change but the domain will remain the same. To go “live”, DNS records must be changed to point your domain name to the new IP address.

Once your site has been migrated we will make these DNS changes for you or help you handle it yourself.

What is a domain name change and why is it only in the Ultimate plan?

Your domain name is a name like www.wpbackitup.com that you use to access your site. If you would like to change your domain name as part of the migration then we will be happy to do that for you.

While making this change to WordPress is very simple, it requires a search of all your content for any references to the old domain, making changes to reflect the new domain.

This may sound trivial but it is actually a fairly complicated because of the way WordPress stores that information in the database. We have seen many customers attempt this and corrupt their database in the process. Our experts have much experience changing domains and will make sure it is done correctly as part of the migration to the new host.

What are E-commerce sites and why are they only in the Ultimate plan?

Your site is an E-commerce site if you are selling any type of product or services from your website where the transaction is managed by your WordPress site. If your site simply manages content with links to an E-commerce tool managing the transaction then it would not be considered an E-commerce site.

Migrating an E-commerce site is much more complex because there will be a small window of time during any migration where both sites may be “live” simultaneously. This makes it possible for transactions to occur on the both the old and new site. When this happens these transactions will need to be imported to the new site. This additional complexity is why E-commerce sites are only in the Ultimate plan.

If you are unsure if your site is an E-commerce site then don’t worry, this is one of the things we will uncover during our initial evaluation.

What happens when the migration is completed?

When we are all done migrating your site and have completed all our internal testing and validation then we will notify you via email that your migration is ready for you to review.

We will request that you review your site and validate the site is functioning properly and all your content has been migrated properly.

Once you submit your approval the site will be ready to go live. We will send you instructions on how to update your DNS records to activate the new site. If you have chosen a plan that provides DNS updates then we will make these changes for you.

Can I review the migrated site before it goes live?

Yes, that is actually part of our migration check list! The site will not go “live” or even be publicly accessible until you approve the migration. We will provide a secret URL and login for you to access the new site for review.

Once you approve the migration, your DNS records will be updated so that your domain will point to the new site.

Will you migrate a site to WordPress that is not currently running WordPress?

No, we do not currently offer a WordPress conversion option for site that are not running WordPress. Your site must be built on WordPress to take advantage of this service.

Do you update WordPress Core and Plugins to the latest version?

No, we do not currently offer an upgrade option for WordPress and plugins. However, you may perform the upgrade yourself on the migrated site before it goes live.

How long does a typical migration take?

Most migrations take less than a day to complete but it really depends on how large and complex your site is.

Can I make any changes to my existing site during the migration?

Yes, but minimizing changes during the migration will make things go much faster. When the migration is complete you will be given an opportunity to review the new site. At this time you may request that your content be re-synchronized.

Will my site be down during the migration?

No, your current site will continue to function while we are performing the migration. Once you have reviewed and approved the migration then we will synchronize the site one last time and go “live”. There will be a short period of time where DNS records are propagated globally and both sites “could” be live. The overlap is typically very short and most customers do not encounter any issues.

Can you create a quality assurance(QA) or development site from my live site?

Yes, our site migration service can be used to migrate your live site to another host or to setup a cloned version for development and quality assurance testing. We will perform all the same steps as a migration but will not change DNS records to point the domain to the cloned site.

Will you help me choose a good host?

Yes, we partner with some of the best WordPress hosts in the world and are happy to help you choose the best one for your site and budget.

Do you offer services other than Site Migration and Cloning?

Right now we are only offering the services outlined above. However, if there is a service missing that you feel would be helpful, then let us know. We love hearing suggestions from our customers, it’s where we get our best ideas.

Suggestions may be submitted via the contact form link found at the top of every page on www.wpbackitup.com

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept online payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 100% refund if we are unable to migrate your site for any reason.

Have additional questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our site migration service . Questions should be submitted via this contact form