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Key Features

Backup your WordPress site in just minutes. No trying to figure out which settings or what options need to be configured to get your entire site backed up. Just back it up! Quick and easy full site backups. We know that you have more important things to do than spend a lot of time figuring out how to backup your site. At WP BackItUp we work really hard to make backing up and migrating your WordPress site as simple as possible. But keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features. Checkout some of our key features below.

Backup your site monthly, weekly or even daily and never be concerned about loosing any of your content. We never restrict the number of backups that you can perform and don’t worry, we never charge extra for the number of backups you perform.

WP BackItUp does complete backups of your entire site, every time. This includes your database, themes, plugins and even your media uploads. If it’s something you add to your site then we back it up.

We know your hosts limit the number of backups you can store online. WP BackItUp allows you to control the number of backup archives that remain on your site. Save 1 or 10, just tell us how many and we will handle the cleanup.

Need a way to easily migrate your site to another host? We do that too! Backup your site from your existing host and restore it with your new one, it’s that easy.

We don’t just do backups. After all, what good is a backup if you can’t restore it. WP BackItUp allows you to restore your entire site from a backup. This includes all your database content, themes, plugins and even media uploads. Best of all the restore is just as easy as the backups.

Backups are only good if you have them around when you need them. This is why WP BackItUp allows you to download all your backups. Save them somewhere safe on your PC, external drive, google drive, or even Dropbox, it’s up to you.

Can’t remember to do your backups, well we can’t either. Signup for our backup reminder service and we will remind you to perform your backups. And while we’re at it, we’ll even send you status updates to tell you that your backup finished.

We know backups are extremely important to you or you wouldn’t be on this site in the first place. WP BackItUp provides some of the best support in the business. We respond to every request and do our best to resolve any issues you might encounter as quickly as possible.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We think WP BackItUp is hands down the easiest to use and most effective backup plugin for WordPress powered websites but don’t take our word for it. Here is what just a few of our customers had to say about us on WordPress.org.  WordPress Logo

A Fundamental Tool for Wordpress Development
This tool is a must have. Having jumped through multiple hosting companies, and malware infections, this tool is the only reason I didn’t throw in the towel. And along the way, anytime I ran into an issue (usually my error) their team is so quick to respond and correct the issue, it is one of the […]few premium plugins I will maintain for life.

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March 9, 2017

Top Shelf plugin
The best Wordpress plugin for backups, by far.
Premium is running on all my clients sites as well as my own. Wouldn’t think of managing a WP site without it!
Excellent support and all the features you need for a solid disaster recovery plan.

Well done WPBackitUP team,
Gary O

March 1, 2017

Trudy Hess
Trudy Hess
Excellent plug-in to create a back-up of my site
Support is excellent and very quick, even though I am not on the “Pro” version. I will very likely upgrade to that, in order to have access to the “Restore” function. It took several tries to get the backup to work, but I got quick response from support with suggestions on how to tweak the settings. […]After that it worked fine. One inconvenience — my backup contained 11 zip files, and they have to be downloaded to my local drive one at a time. It would be good if the plug-in just assumed that I want everything, that I could tell it where I want the files stored, and that it would take it from
Read more »
February 23, 2017

Worked Perfectly – the world can’t run on free.
Slightly surprised by the charge for the restore but I do understand it is hard to run a development business without charging your customers. Support was spot on. Quick check box here and there and the site was back up generating me money. Very satisfied with this plugin
February 20, 2017

Excellent support!
WPBackItUp is a great product with excellent support. We rely on it to ensure easy backup and restore of four of our vital websites. Recommended!
January 31, 2017

Great support
I had a few glitches getting this run and the support people at WPBackItUp were very helpful in a timely fashion so I could correct the error and get the backup to run.
January 28, 2017

Amazon Suppoer!
The team is super helpful and friendly. Jeremy helped me immediately and fixed my issue. I will definitely consider upgrading!
January 19, 2017

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